Management committee

David Clayton – Club President

David has been a tennis player at Eastgate for over 10 years. He has served as a team captain and on various committees within the club, striving to ensure the Eastgate Club can be as good as it can be.  Aside from the club, David is a director of a local IT company and enjoys spending time with his young family.

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Mellony Milner – Club Treasurer

Mellony came to England aged five having been born in Kenya. Mellony joined Eastgate in the Centenary year where she has been Captain of the former ladies team, won the league on several occasions as Captain of the mixed team, has Captained the the over 35s County team and is presently Captain for both Eastgate and the County over 50s.  Mellony’s professional background in business administration and accounting is invaluable in her role as Club Treasurer which she has held since 2007.  Mellony’s personal interests include self-improvement, family activities, architecture, historic buildings and towns, travelling in Britain and other countries and watching sporting activities.

If you'd like to contact Mellony, please send her an email on


Bryan Carr – Bowls Chairman

Bryan has lived in the Lincoln area for most of the time since 1963, but has only been a member of the Eastgate Club Bowls Section for 4 years.  He is an Engineer by profession and remains Chairman of the international company he founded in 1974.  During his time in Lincoln he played Lincolnshire League cricket and football for Nettleham; and still manages the odd game of golf.  Another hobby is trekking and his last adventure was in 2010 where he successfully trekked to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro.


Janet Miles – Deputy Bowls Chairman

Janet and her family have been involved with Eastgate Club for over 40 years and she has been a member of the Bowls Committee since 2001 and joined the Executive Committee in 2013. Now retired Janet was formerly a company director, on the executive committee of a national charity and enjoyed a successful career in the field of social work and as a lecturer in a theological college. Getting involved in the practical activities of the Bowls Section has made a welcome change for Janet and she still manages to play on occasions.


Daniel Bryden – Squash Chairman

Daniel has been a member at the Eastgate Club as a squash player since he moved to Lincoln in 2001. He plays in the leagues and for the Eastgate G team. As well as playing squash Daniel goes horse riding and enjoys going out on his motorbike.  No squash game is complete without a pint at the bar afterwards.


Brian Main – Tennis Chairman

Brian has been a member of Eastgate Club since 2012. New to tennis, he developed his interest initially through Cardio Tennis to improve his fitness level and has since progressed through individual lessons at the club to playing weekly social tennis; he is also the Welfare Officer for the Tennis Section and the LTA Club main contact.  Brian served in the RAF for 38 years as a RAF Policeman and has a passion for Real Ales.


Julia Clark – Bar Manager

Julia spent her formative years in central and Southern Africa, returning to England at the tender age of 18. Julia has been a PA/Secretary in both the private and public sector and also spent 17 years as a guest house proprietor in the south of the City. Julia has been a Tennis Section member since 2000 and took on the role of Bar Manager at the Club in 2005.


Eastgate Club Trustees







We have 4 Eastgate Club Trustees, named from left to right - Bill Harwin, Joe Vitoria, Peter Bentley and Richard Hagan.