Eastgate 100 Club

The Eastgate 100 Club has been running for at least 15 years, and at present makes a small profit to support our club.

Each 100 Club member pays £5 per month via a standing order, and are allocated a number. A draw is made at the end of each month where there are 3 prizes: £55, £25 and £15. The Eastgate Club has 5 numbers and that is how we are able to make a small profit.

There will be an increase in prize money for increased membership of the 100 Club, and we hope very soon to be offering prizes each month of £80; £50; and £20. A list of prize winners is displayed every month on the notice board in front of you when you enter the club house.

If you would like to join the 100 Club, please set up a standing order with the details described below; in addition please let Bryan Carr know to ensure that you are allocated a number for the monthly draw. Bryan will also have a cross check from Bank Statements each month so anyone who has paid will be included in the draw.

Please support your club and join the 100 club.

Standing Order Details

Please set up a standing order as follows:

Amount: £5.00 per month (to be paid on a day of your choosing)

In favour of:

Beneficiary Account Name: Eastgate Club 100 Club Account

Sort Code: 20-50-21

Account Number: 00547034