Online Court Booking Instructions

Online booking is now live at the club. You can check court availability, choose who you are playing and credit your account, all online (tennis won't need to worry about credit as courts are free to use).

Log in directly with this link or go to the home page and choose the link from there.

Logging In

Your user name and password will have been supplied to you separately.

Click the Log In button on the front screen and enter your information.

Booking a Court

Choose the court or group of courts that you want to book. It is easiest to select the group view so that you can see everything that is available.

You are shown the current week, day by day. To change the week, click on the +1, +2 etc. buttons at the top of the screen.

Click on the court you want to book, and then click again to confirm the booking. You will receive a confirmation email.

Inviting an Opponent

If squash players invite an opponent and the opponent accepts, the court lights will come on automatically.

To invite an opponent, go to My Bookings. Find the booking you have made and click on Go To Booking.

Click on Invite a Member, and click the letter that corresponds to their surname. Find the member you want to invite and click on the invite option by their name.

They will receive an email asking them to Accept or Decline the invitation.

Cancel a Booking

Go to My Bookings and click the Cancel button that is next to the court you want to cancel.

Update Membership Details

Click on My Membership Details to keep email, telephone and address details up to date.

Change Password

In the My Membership Details section you can change your password.

If you are a tennis only member and don’t have a fob, your password must be numbers only, otherwise you can’t log in to the kiosk at the club.

Adding Credit

Click on the button that says Credit My Club Account.

Select an amount and proceed to the next screen. You can either pay using a PayPal account, or pay directly with a debit card (we don’t accept credit cards).

Once you have selected an option (PayPal or debit card), follow the on screen instructions to make the payment.

Credit may not appear immediately; if you have any concerns then contact Daniel Bryden on 07841 508012.

Credit History

On the My Membership Details screen you can see your credit history. If you have any concerns about it, please contact Daniel Bryden on 07841 508012.

You will see membership payments in there - these are for our records only and don’t affect your credit.