Playing for an Eastgate Squash Team

Playing in a team at Eastgate is great fun and a good way to push your squash skills – you’ll have longer and harder games than you would normally, and you’ll be playing against people you don’t know (at least not at the start!).

This guide gives you on overview of what is expected and also explains to captains what they need to do to run a team.

League Options

We have teams in three leagues: Lincoln Weekend, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect from each.

Lincoln Weekend Leagues

These are our most popular leagues. They are 5 man teams and games take place over the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). The furthest you’ll travel is Gainsborough or Boston, but most other clubs are no more than 30 minutes away.

These are very social leagues; traditionally the teams have evolved through friends playing together, so the emphasis is more on enjoying the squash than ensuring that Eastgate win every year.

Weekend matches don’t have a meal afterwards, although there are often a few beers.

Lincolnshire Leagues

These games are played in the week (usually Tuesday) and can include travel a bit further afield. They are 3 man teams and when playing at home you will only be on one court.

These are generally social teams as well, so you’ll see a mix of players across the teams that we have.

Nottinghamshire Leagues

These are the leagues that we take a bit more seriously! We have two teams in these leagues and they are made up by ranking the players that want to play and dividing them by the teams that we have.

Nottinghamshire games require a lot more travel, and journey times can reach 90 minutes. It’s a long way to go if you lose! The 1st team plays on Monday night and the 2nd team plays on Thursday. These games are always followed by a meal, so away games can be a very late night.

It’s very rewarding squash; we entered the Nottinghamshire leagues to stretch the club and we’re happy that we do well. We are very conscious that other teams have to travel a long way to come and play us, so we always do our best to put out our strongest teams and a good meal.

Joining a Team

If you know a team captain do feel free to contact them directly. They will either fit you in or point you to someone who can help. If you’re not sure, contact anyone on the committee and we will help you.

There are certain rules about joining a team in the second half of a season, so you may have to wait if you are coming in to this after Christmas.

We do have a team meeting before the season starts where we confirm the teams and do any last minute deals. Keep an eye out for this (normally done in August) and feel free to attend and state your interest.

Responsibilities of a Team Player

If you’re playing for a team then you are representing Eastgate Club and we expect you to abide by all rules and regulations. These are laid out by England Squash and Racketball and there are further local rules that are laid out by Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Squash.

Apart from obeying the rules of the game, we expect you to be a good ambassador for the club – squash can be a bit heated at times but at the end of the day it is all for fun.

All the leagues can impose sanctions on a player if a complaint is made, and if you find yourself on the receiving end of such a thing, please let us know so that we can support you as necessary. Similarly, if you wish to make a complaint about someone, please talk to your captain first before doing anything.

The Cost of Playing

The cost of playing team squash is £2 per match. How your captain collects this is up to them, but they will explain it to you at the start of the season.

If you are having a meal as well there will be an additional cost (normally about £5), and petrol is often split for away matches. Do bear in mind that Nottinghamshire matches can become quite expensive, although we do try and find sponsorship to help subsidise the costs.

You may also have a team t-shirt as well (usually about £10 per shirt), but again your captain will talk to you about this.

Junior Players

Junior players will need to wear goggles on court.

Notes for Captains

If you are captaining a team, the following notes should be helpful for you.


It is the individual Captain that is responsible for all monies relating to the team. If you fail to pay any fees then the debt to the club will rest solely with the Captain.

The table below outlines what you are expected to pay and gives guidance on how to manage it.

Item Cost Who Pays How to Pay
Team Fees Approximately £40 Paid for by the Club Nothing to do!
5 Man Match Fees £20 per home game Paid for by you; the recommendation is to collect £2 per player per match (home and away) to cover the costs You will be invoiced twice a year, at Christmas and the end of the season
3 Man Match Fees £12 per home game Paid for by you; the recommendation is to collect £2 per player per match (home and away) to cover the costs You will be invoiced twice a year, at Christmas and the end of the season
Squash Balls Included in match fees Paid for by the Club Nothing to do!
Food Approximately £5 per head Paid for by you; the recommendation is to collect £5 per player per match (home and away). This then covers the away costs.You will pay for the away meals at Eastgate, but they will pay for yours when you play away. Settle up with Julia at the time of your home game.
T-Shirts Approximately £10 per shirt These are not compulsory and are paid for by individual players (unless you’re feeling generous!). A local supplier will be used and you will need to place your order with them by the deadline date each season. You will pay the supplier directly on collection of the t-shirts. More detailed instructions will be given each season.
Petrol Depends on distance travelled This is up to the driver. Please assume that the driver will want a contribution from all passengers. Settle this with the driver.

We highly recommend that you keep a book or a spreadsheet to track all payments. You will be collecting money that needs to paid to the Club when you are invoiced – don’t spend it!

Some captains will collect more money than is needed and then put this towards a night out at the end of the season. Again, please keep a record of this so you know exactly what you have to spend.

You will be given a cost code for your team and this must be quoted on all payments so that we can track the costs.


We encourage teams to look for sponsorship to help with costs. If you do you have a potential sponsor, please talk to the Committee – we need to be transparent with financial transactions so need the money to come through the Club.

This may seem odd, but because your biggest expense is match fees, it makes sense to pay the sponsorship straight to the Club.

We track all costs using a ‘nominal code’ for your team, so at any point we can see what you owe (or if there is any surplus, which could be used for an end of season meal).

Nottinghamshire Leagues

Because of the additional cost of the Nottinghamshire League teams, we look for sponsorship that can be spread across all the teams that enter the leagues. This way we are able to subsidise all costs and make it easier for everyone.

Court Bookings

Your courts will be booked for you. If you cancel or move a match, please contact Daniel Bryden or Dan Hebert. If you do not cancel your courts you will be charged for them. Please let us know if you have a cup match, as they aren't automatically booked.

Match Balls

Your match balls are supplied to you by the club. At the start of the season you will be given all the balls needed for your team matches (not included cup games). Put them somewhere safe and bring them out each match.

Overrunning Matches

If your match is in the evening, it should run up to the end of the night. If you need more time, there are additional late courts that are switched off by default. To turn these on you'll need to use the kiosk. Log in with user name 'lights' and password '1234'. Select the court, press Status and you will see an option to turn the lights on.

If you your match is earlier in the day (generally on Saturday and Sunday) and you are worried about running out of court time, please book the courts after your match and we will refund you the cost of the courts. Contact Dan Bryden or Dan Hebert to arrange the refund.

Court Sweeping

Please sweep the courts prior to a match - maybe pick your worst performer from the week before as a punishment.

Withdrawing from the Leagues

If you do have cause to remove your team from the Leagues, please speak to the Committee first. We may be able to find someone else to run the team, or we may be able to help resolve whatever the problem is.

The Club has paid for your team entry fee, so we are keen to ensure that the teams complete the full season.

Any Questions?

If you still have any questions, please ask a Committee member or a team Captain and they will be able to help you.