Club Nights [New – WHATSAPP group July 18]

Club nights [previously called Social Nights] have traditionally taken place on Wednesday & Friday nights throughout the year for many years. There have been different approaches from time to time and the Committee feel that the time has come to try another change [see below].

Club night Whatsapp group

A whatsapp group has been created so that those attending these evenings can get or send a text and see who will be there. If you wish to join this group and have whatsapp please email and we will add your mobile to the app. Please include your name and the mobile number you wish to add when you email. We are also doing this for Sunday mornings although this is not a designated club social event. All members are however welcome to attend Sunday morning informal tennis.

Club nights are essentially a time when members of all ages and abilities[including University Players] are welcome to come and join in mixed play [normally foursomes] starting at 6.30 p.m until 8:30 p.m. The emphasis is on mixed play with four players although if there are odd numbers single play is allowed but please be sociable and mix in when you can. Play may continue after 8.30 subject to court availability until close of play not later than 10 p.m. Lights are available at a reduced rate of £2 per person per session. Members may start play earlier than 6.30 if courts are available and numbers attending permit play to commence. Our coaches will try and accommodate anyone arriving early but it may not always be possible, especially when the weather makes the acrylics unplayable. It is intended that those attending should mix in as much as possible during the night.

Court Usage during Club nights

On a Wednesday night, Club Night Players will have a choice of three courts acrylic 5, 6 & 7 or 1 2 & 3 on the back tarmacadam courts if it is damp/wet.

On a Friday, we have decided for the time being to specify TWO COURTS for Club Nights - members will be able to choose courts 1 & 2 (first two tarmac courts) or courts 5 & 6 (the two acrylic courts nearest the clubhouse), whichever is their preference, given the weather conditions.

Wednesday & Friday and  Club Night Mini Tournaments

[Note:- This tournament is not currently running but if anyone wishes to revive it please let me know - I am leaving the information on line so any new members can see it.  One suggestion might be that we could run this on an attendance basis so that instead of the usual suspects winning the person with the most attendances gets the discount. We really want to get these evenings back in favour so any ideas will be seriously considered. March 2019]

Would you like three chances to win 20% off your adult membership fee ? Of course you would....So here's how you do it.

1. Come along to club nights, as many as you can (from 6.30pm - 8.30pm).

2. Join in and make up a four.

3. Play the best of seven games. Each game you win represents a point so remember how many games you win.

4. Once you've played seven games rotate, make up a different four and play again. Please be fair to anyone sitting out a round and make sure they get a chance to play in the next available round.

5. Any matches played within the timeframe can be counted.

6. At 8.30pm when the club night is (officially) over tell either Simon or Sam how many points you have won.

There will be three club night tournaments in the year: The first one will be from 18th. January to 4th. April. The second one will be from 25th. April to 18th July. The third one will be from 12th. September to 5th. December.

The player with the most points can claim a 20% off their membership in the following subs year. So if you win between now [Jan 2016] and December 2016, you get 1/3 off the membership in May 2017 and so on.

Provisos and stipulations: The same person or membership in the case of joint memberships can only benefit once per annum (but members may of course play in all three mini tournaments.) Any matches started before 6.30pm or after 8.30pm will not count. Points will not roll over. Everyone starts on ' nil point' at the beginning of each new tournament.

The equivalent of 20% off an adult membership can also be applied to the winner's proportion of a family/couple membership subscription.

Above all......don't take the word tournament too seriously, it's just a bit of fun !

We have now completed the first year of club night mini tournaments and the winners were:-

Jan - March 16 - Nick Ashby

April - July 16 - Stephen Astin

Sept - Dec 16 - Brian Main

Jan - Mar 17 - Andy Rowcroft

Well done to all those who took part, winners and hopefuls !

If you want to see the stats they are here:- Club night Stats Jan- March 17