Mini [5-10] Junior [11-18] and Invitational [11-18] Coaching Programmes

At the Eastgate Club we pride ourselves on being able to offer a comprehensive coaching programme for every standard of player across all age groups. Whether you have just started to take up the game of tennis or whether you are a performance/elite player we will have a programme to suit your needs and ability.  Please click on the links below to download the latest coaching programmes:

Mini & Junior Coaching Brochure Oct 2017

Mini & Junior Coaching

Mini Tennis is where it all starts for children aged 5 to Under 11.  This is a 3 stage progression of modified tennis equipment and court sizes, which will enable children to develop the necessary technical, tactical, physical and mental skills required in the modern game. Each stage has a colour code: Red, Orange and Green. Starting with Red the children play on a 12m court with a suitable racket in accordance with their size, but usually 19”, and a sponge ball. As the junior progresses the court size, racket length, speed of ball, height of the bounce, and length of the game will increase until they reach the full game. We then offer a variety of squads on the club programme and the performance programme to suit all abilities.

If you would like to discuss coaching at the Eastgate Club please call our head club coach, Simon Taylor, on 0779 1614195.  Simon is a level 4 coach and has a great depth of experience. Over the years he has taken many of our juniors from Mini Tennis all the way through to County U10, U12, U14, U16 and beyond.....

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