Tennis Membership Monthly Payments


The club is willing to accept payment of qualifying membership fees, due in May, in monthly instalments of not more than 8 instalments. You can pay in lesser instalments if you wish, e,g, 2, 3, or 6 e.t.c. as long as the whole amount due is paid by the end of December of the membership year. There is a charge of 1 % of the total subscription which will be added to your subscription if you pay by instalments.

Only those individual memberships which cost £200 or more will qualify for monthly payments. So if you are paying for  more than one membership and the total cost to you is more than £200 only those individual memberships costing £200 or more can be paid in instalments. You cannot aggregate those which you pay for to make up the £200 nor include any memberships which cost less than £200 in the monthly payments scheme. So in short any membership sub of £200 or more qualifies.

We will only accept payments under this scheme by Direct Debit using gocardless. You can read all about this here:-

We  cannot accept the monthly payments by cash, bacs, direct debits [other than gocardless] or standing orders or any other means of payment.

Essentially, if you opt to pay by instalments, you will receive an email from gocardless asking you to confirm that  you wish to set up a DD and asking for your bank details. Once payments commence, if you do not pay then you will be contacted by gocardless although we will be aware. If you ask to pay this way, we will take it that you  agree and accept liability for the whole 12 months subscription even if it later becomes impossible for you to play. The executive committee will have a discretion in such cases but normally a refund will not be made once the membership has progressed beyond the end of May and we will expect the payment of the full yearly subscription .

If you are interested in monthly payments please contact